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French Baroque Table Clock Vintage White/Gray

French Baroque Table Clock Vintage White/Gray

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Introduce a touch of French grandeur to your home with the captivating French Baroque Table Clock. This vintage-inspired clock features a classic white and gray color scheme, embodying the essence of French Baroque style.

Here's what makes the French Baroque Table Clock a treasured addition:

  • French Baroque Design: The clock's intricate details and ornate design elements evoke the timeless elegance of the Baroque era.
  • Vintage Charm: The white and gray finish exudes a vintage charm that complements both traditional and modern decors.
  • Compact Grandeur: Despite its impressive 25cm height, the 8cm diameter ensures it sits comfortably on desks, shelves, or side tables.
  • Silent Movement: This clock boasts a quiet, non-ticking movement, creating a peaceful ambiance for any room.

More than just a timepiece, the French Baroque Table Clock is a statement piece that injects a touch of sophistication into your home.


  • Material: resin with a high-quality finish.
  • Clock Face: Roman numerals
  • Power Source: AA battery
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